In person New England Justice For Our Neighbors Clinics will re-open soon.  At this time, please call for phone support while we continue to keep everyone safe. Also, you may send us a message via the clinic page and we will get right back to you. Please choose a clinic that is located near you.

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The New Deal for New Americans Act Delivers What America Needs Now

Eliminating Roadblocks to Citizenship for Eligible Residents:

Tears down the “Second Wall” of obstacles to U.S. citizenship and voting rights that favor the privileged and wealthy. Application fees are frozen, processing backlogs reduced, and USCIS is held accountable for mismanagement. Naturalization is made accessible and affordable for all, including the working poor and elderly, with a $50 application fee and more generous fee waivers for all applications. Automatic voter registration is made available on a voluntary basis after the oath ceremony to newly naturalized citizens.

A Welcoming and Inclusive Society:

Mandates a National Office on New Americans to lead a federal immigrant and refugee inclusion and integration strategy coordinated with state and local governments and community stakeholders.

Shared Prosperity:

Launches federally funded programs for English language learning and workforce development to build the skills of immigrants and refugees and prepare our diverse workforce for better jobs that support families and help grow our economy.

Due Process:

Immigrants and refugees seeking freedom and refuge would have a fair opportunity to defend their legal right to stay here by accessing comprehensive legal services, from attorneys and accredited representatives to “Community Navigators” (community leaders who support individuals through the immigration system) and “know-your-rights” education.

America as a Refuge:

Updates and fortifies our resettlement programs so that refugees and their families may live in dignity, and streamlines their path to citizenship. The refugee admissions floor is raised to 125,000.